How NFC Pro's
Tap My Car Works

It's a simple concept. A special label that allows instant access to all automobile data from your existing dealer listings on the internet.
A potential purchaser simply "TAPS" their Smart Phone using NFC (near field communications) on the label to immediately take them to your website listing page. They will find the critical pricing, options and contact numbers you've already made available.

The key is they don't have to sort through the full website, drop-downs or a multitude of details on your website to find the SPECIFIC information they require for the vehicle of interest. They get instant access to ALL of the most important information anytime, and anywhere!

Even if the vehicle isn't located at the dealership.


When Customers Tap Your Car 
It's only about YOUR CAR!


And it works with

Virtually all phones on the market today are capable of reading NFC (Near Field Communication) Tags. The latest Apple and Android phones have this functionality built-in. For the Dealer, simply provide the URL for each label that requires TAP capability. We do the rest!

If you don't have a website - we can help you create one for your dealership!


nfcpros - tap my car
for dealers and for the public

An amazing and effective way to get more offers, increase your online presence and engage customers instantly  -  24 HOURS A DAY!


Public Ad Site

Coming Spring 2022

The simplicity of NFC and how it works with personal car listings makes a public site the best way to sell your vehicle. Your tag which is affixed to your vehicle is working for you everywhere you go.

Whether you are grocery shopping at the local mall or on a fishing trip up north, Tapmycar labels are hard at work!
Anyone can tap and be immediately transfered to your web page listing.

And, you always get first preference. The first vehicle they see on is YOURS!


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